Holidays with Horses
Horseback Travel and Trailrides

I did my first trailride in april 1996 in Portugal, one week horseback riding in Alentejo - Tour of the white villages

In february 1997 I wanted to do it again and booked a week of horsely holiday in the Caribbean. That's how I came to St. Lucia to do the Trailride under Palmtrees.

After four weeks travelling in New Zealand I took the chance to do a tree day tour at Cape Farewell in november 1997.

In April 2000 we did a four day walking and riding tour with our Icelandic Horses in Siebengebirge.

Riding Weekends
In Juli 99 was a meeting of the members of the horsemailinglist on the Falkenhof. Horsemailinglistmeeting.

In April 1999 we've been to the Siebengebirge for two days.

Two days in Hungary's oldest town Tata , while I visited the riding stable Maestoso.

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