Vacation in Canada 1998.9.29 - 1998.10.12 
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Algonquin Provincial Park 4th  - 8th October
Killarney to Algonquin
Unfortunately, it is already time to leave the Killarney Provincial Park and head for our next planned destination  - Algonquin Provincial Park. This park is very popular and famous for it's moose-watching opportunities.
Because we arrived at the West Gate very early we bought a Vehical Permit for the day and walked along some short trails. Whiskey Rapids Trail (2km) and Hardwood-Lookout Trail (1km). The leaves have mostly already fallen here and the colours of the Indian Summer nearly gone.
In the evening we took a short paddle from our Lodge on Hay Lake during the sunset.
Hay Lake

Algonquin Provincial Park
Today we planned on doing a full-day canoeing trip into the Algonquin Park. In the early morning we drove to the East Gate and bought a map. Equipped with the map and our sandwiches we took the canoe and paddled across Hay Lake. Unfortunately, it was very windy and we decided to turn around after a while because the water was very rough.
Instead of the canoe trip we walked along some trails in the park hoping to see some wildlife.
First we took Booth's Rock Trail (5km) which leads you to two small lakes and a wonderful overview above Rock Lake. We also walked along the Lookout-Trail (2km). On this trail you get - as the name says - to a lookout point, and the Spruce Bog Boardwalk (1,5km) through two small bogs and the Beaver Pond Trail (2km), which explores two beaver ponds. We saw some birds and some squirrels again.

Rock Lake        Beaverpond

This was the only rainy day we had during our two weeks in Ontario therefore we did not do very much . We took a short walk near the lodge, where we got wet feet very quickly. On the way back we saw a very neat little chipmunk, it was sitting on a stone and looking at us. Then it stood up and observed us. Deciding that we were not dangerous it went back to eating the nut it was holding. Later we drove to Whitney and did some shopping.

Because we had not yet seen a moose up to this point, we got up very, very early and made our way in the park before sunrise. The time between sunrise and two hours later is said to be the best time for wildlife-viewing...
We arrived at the park at the crack of dawn but were not able to see any moose all the way back to the lodge.
After breakfast we hit the road again and made our way to Ottawa, the next destination. 

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