Vacation in Canada 1998.9.29 - 1998.10.12 
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Killarney Provincial Park 2nd  - 4th October
Toronto to Killarney
By late afternoon we finally arrived at Killarney Provincial Park but there was not enough time to do more than drive through because we still had 67km to go to reach Killarney Village and the road was very rough.
After we reached Killarney and checked in, we just took a short stroll through the village. Killarney looked like a ghost town because many shops and restaurants were already closed for the season.

Killarney Provincial Park
Our first destination in the morning was Visitor Information in Killarney Provincial Park at George Lake. There we bought our day permits for the next two days and a map of the park. We also found some information about different short walks in the park.
We tried the first one immediately afterwards, the Cranberry Bog Trail. This trail is about 4 km long, starts near George Lake and shows you some of the finest landscapes in the park. On this trail we saw some nice lakes and lots of colored trees and a few squirrels, the animals we were going to see most in Canada.

Cranberry Bog Trail
After the trail we spent some time at George Lake and decided to go on a canoeing trip there the next day.
Another trail close to the Visitor Information Office is the Granite Ridge Trail, 2km which lead you to an outlook  It is a bit more strenuous to climb up, but your reward is a fine overview of Georgian Bay and some nice views overlooking endless downs filled with colorful trees.
In the evening we walked along the Killarney Channel which connects Georgian Bay and Killarney Bay. In Killarney Bay we found a nice rock to sit on and watch the sunset.
       George Lake  Granite Ridge Trail
Killarney Bay

The Outfitter opened at 9 o'clock, so we had a nice long breakfast and made our sandwiches for lunch. We arrived at the store at a quarter past nine - but - a note on the door said, " Today we open at half past nine".
After a little thinking, we decided to go into the park while we waited for the store to open. We drove to the  Chikanishing Trail, and did this 3km walk which leads you to the shore of Georgian Bay. This trail is really great. On the way to the Bay you reach several great outlooks. You have to climb many rocks and after some time you reach the lakeshore. The way back is way easier and shorter, most parts are equipped with wooden plants to walk on.

Chikanishing Trail
After this hike, we finally got the paddles and the key for our canoe.
Just about lunch-time we put the canoe in the water and started our paddle-tour on George Lake. This Lake is very big, but it has many curves and edges, so you cannot see it while you stand at the shore.  Now, as we paddle through the lake we can get a real idea of it's actual size. The landscape is very beautiful and we make a lot of stops on the shore to enjoy the peacefulness...
During this we once again see some squirrels.
Canoeing on George Lake

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