Vacation in Canada 1998.9.29 - 1998.10.12 
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    Niagara Falls 10th - 12th October
Peterborough to Niagara Falls
It didn't take us very long to drive from Peterborough to Niagara. In St. Catharines, we took our first scheduled stop. At Port Dalhousie, situated at the shore of Lake Ontario - this old harbour village still remains like it was many years ago. You will find the oldest carousels in Canada there and the price is still the same: 5 cents.
From there you could "see" Toronto very, very, very small on the other side of the lake.
Port Dalhousie

Just a few kilometers to go to Niagara.
First we parked the car at the B&B and walked towards the sights. Of the course the first thing we saw were the  American Falls from the Canadian side of the gorge. We then left Canada and entered USA via the bridge over the canyon. Here we had a close look at the American Falls, with a nice rainbow in the mist and then from above - at the observation tower. Also we saw a little piece of the Horseshoe Falls very close, but you can't imagine their form and power from the US side.
After an ice cream we re-entered Canada.

American Falls

Niagara Falls
One whole day to explore Niagara Falls. First we went to the Table Rock House. From there you can have a close look at the Horseshoe Falls. We entered the "Journey behind the Falls" afterwards. You discover two "sights" from behind the falls - where you see nothing but huge amounts of water.. - and a platform beside at the feet of the falls, where you can sense their immensity and power.
Next we headed toward the Skylon Tower and caught a sight of the falls from high above. From here you have the best opportunity to see the horseshoe form of the falls.

Niagara Falls from above

Then it was time for the IMAX-Cinema with a movie about the falls and a display of  Niagara Daredevils - risk-loving people who tried to show that they can master the falls. You'll find some of the barrels which people used to "swim" over the falls. Kayaks and boats from Daredevils who drove through the rapids and much more. After the movie about some history of the falls we visited the Table Rock House again to see the rainbow.

Horseshoe Falls

In the late evening, after dinner, we had a look at the light show, because every evening - when it is dark - the falls are illuminated with many colors. 

Horseshoe Falls                             American Falls
Somebody we met
at the waxworks museum
Niagara Falls to Toronto and flight home
Today, we have to head back to the airport to catch our return flight to Germany.
On the way from Niagara to Toronto we made a short side trip and visited Niagara-on-the-Lake. We spent some time at the shore of Lake Ontario at the place where the Niagara River meets the lake.
Lake Ontario

Nevertheless, we reached the airport very early and still had some time to wait there.

Return to Frankfurt
We arrived in Frankfurt in the early morning.