Vacation in Canada 1998.9.29 - 1998.10.12 
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  Ottawa 8th / 9th October
Algonquin to Ottawa
After breakfast we hit the road again and made our way to Ottawa, the next destination.
We arrived in Ottawa in the early afternoon, explored the city center on foot and did some sight-seeing. This town looks much more like a European village, than like a metropolitan area in North America. Many buildings are built like well-known European buildings. For example, there is a castle, parliament buildings with a belfry, which looks like Big Ben, and small cobbled streets...
Shopping Mall         Castle     

Ottawa to Peterborough
In the morning we took a stroll through the city of Ottawa and walked to Nepean Point, an outlook point, where you can see the city center and the whole area around the river. This river - the Ottawa River is the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. In Ottawa we saw as many squirrels as in Toronto, on each green there was a group of them. 

Nepean Point

Peterborough 9th October

Afterwards, we drove in the direction Niagara Falls. We didn't want to drive the whole route in one day, so we made an overnight stop in Peterborough. This was the nicest B&B during the entire trip - Armor Road Studio B&B. Very highly recommended!!!
Immediately next to the house is a nice biking / inline-skating trail, which leads to the city center.  The rest are fields with small ways to a little hill with trees, very nice for a short walk. In front of the house is the river and they have a neat sign saying  "Squirrel Crossing".
We decided to take a short walk to the forest, where we reached the shore of the river and saw some very nicely-colored trees - which still had all their leaves and could be admired in their full-colored beauty here.
In the evening we had dinner in the city.

At the river           colors

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