New Zealand February 1999  
At the other end of the world
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 Manapouri - Queenstown 17 February
The Bottombus was a bit late, it picked us up at The Glade at about a quarter past noon. This time we met a new driver, Reiner. He started to tell jokes but after two jokes where nobody laughed he gave up. The only stops between Manapouri and Queenstown were one in Te Anau, where we had enough time for lunch and a stroll through the city and another in Kingston where we watched the Kingston Flyer - an ancient Steam Train - departing and had a look at the shore of Lake Wakatipu. After our arrival in Queenstown we had to hurry to get into the DOC Center to collect our Hut Passes for the following days. We were busy buying the food we needed and packing our backpacks the rest of the day. We stayed the night at Southern Laughter, a small cosy backpacker very close to the center but be aware that they don't take credit cards. They lent us a pot for the track and we stored our luggage in the garage. I also wrote an email home; for one dollar you can check your email or write one. In the evening we went to The World to get something to eat - Reiner had recommend this bar to us. When we entered the bar, Reiner and a girl from the bus were already there so we joined them and ordered something to eat. The food was very good and the portions big - but the prices are low  ;-)

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